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Environmental Monitoring

                                                                                      GPRS 3g 4g router for environmental monitoring 

1. Background

Environmental protection data acquisition system is a pollution source monitoring system composed of pollution source emission monitoring point and monitoring center. The system of pollution sources of automatic sampling, the on‐line monitoring of the main pollution factor; grasp the city pollution discharge and pollution emissions, monitoring data automatically transmitted to the environmental monitoring center; by the monitoring center computer for data collection, collation and synthetic analysis; monitoring information is transmitted to the Environmental Protection Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau as the decision center of the system and of monitoring information obtained from monitoring center station of analysis, research, promptly made decision management, increase the intensity of management.

Compared with the wired communication mode, the 3G/4G wireless communication mode is very flexible, it has the advantages of flexible networking, easy expansion, low operation cost, simple maintenance, high cost performance and so on. Therefore, it can be used to solve the problem of real‐time transmission of monitoring data of pollution source by 3G/4G wireless transmission.

2. Solution advantage

Based on the 3G / 4G service platform on environmental information collection and transmission system based, to achieve environmental protection information acquisition, the wireless data transmission can make full use of the existing network, shorten the construction period, lower construction cost advantages, and equipment installation convenient and simple maintenance.
3G/4G wireless environmental pollution sources online monitoring system has the following characteristics:

(1)real time:

Yifan wireless data transmission equipment has the characteristics of real time online, no time delay, and the data of multiple monitoring points can be received and processed simultaneously without the need of wheel inspection. It can be very good to meet the requirements of real‐time data acquisition and transmission system.

(2) low construction costs:

Due to the use of public network platform, without the construction of the network, only need to install the equipment can be good, low cost of construction;

(3)a wide range of monitoring:

Construction of environmental protection information collection and transmission system requires a wide range of data communication coverage, unlimited expansion, access to the site without restrictions, to meet the needs of the mountains, towns and cross regional access. Because of the large number of environmental information collection points, distributed in the province, some environmental information collection point is located in the remote area, and geographical location is scattered.

(4) has a good scalability:

Due to the current public network has covered in most areas, there is no blind area, can realize online monitoring a wide range of environmental information collection and transmission system to meet the coverage requirements.

(5) the transmission capacity of the system:

To achieve real‐time connection and each environmental information collection station environmental protection center. Due to the environmental information collection points many system requirements can meet the needs of burst data transmission, 3G/4G technology can well meet the needs of the transmission of bursty data.

(6) low communication costs:
The monthly billing, low operating costs.

3. Solutions introduction

Since the 3G/4G communication is the IP address of the data packet communication network based on the host computer monitoring center fixed IP address configuration, each data acquisition point by Xiamen Yifan router and the host computer communication.
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