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Reliable Connectivity for EV Charging Stations


As EV market size swell, the access to public charging is also expanding. Today consumers expect the same services, simplicity and autonomy for EVs as they do for conventional vehicles, so more and more charging stations are being built. New charging stations need remote management, payment systems and connectivity, all of these require access to the internet, but the wired connectivity is not always an option if the internet infrastructure is unavailable in the area. Yifan Industrial cellular router is able to fix the issue and provide a reliable connectivity through 4G/3G/CDMA/GPRS cellular network.


YF325 is an intelligent industrial cellular router which could provide stable and secure connection via cellular network, it is a crucial intermediary between EV charger, platform and the operator to ensure that the EV chargers are always operating to their full potential. The compact size, functionality and reliability provide the flexibility to be added to or integrated into EV chargers with an easily preconfigured mass deployment.

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