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WIFI Advertisement Pushing Operation System In Indonesia

Project Introduction

Providing free wifi and local entertainment contents for passengers in the train. Passengers’ cell phones and tablets will redirect to customized ads page after connected to router’s wifi. All local entertainment contents(news,videos,etc...) could be updated remotely via our wifi cloud platform.

System Requirements

·Use 4G network to provide internet access for passengers

·Adapt power access provided by train.

 ·Self-recover when router goesdown

·Meet a large number of user connections.

Yifan Solution

F3938-3838H is one of the most powerful wifi router of Yifan.Supports 4G LTE network and 2.4G/5.8G wifi connections.128G SSD or 32G TF card inserted for local entertainments and different authentication methods(facebook,google,twitter,sms) for users to register.

Yifan provides powerful cloud platform for clients to manage their routers and update router’s local contents.Configure platform’s information to router and it will connect to platform automatically after get online.This platform could be installed in clients’ server if server environment could be provided.Customers who have administrator account of the platform could distribute different accounts for different people according to different project.

Our customers now have installed wifi cloud platform in their server and F3838H in their train.They have edit their own local contents and update it to router remotely.Wifi platform will provide everydaystatistics like flow cost,user connections and registed users which was collected from router.

Why choose us:
1. Strong R&D, could provide customized service for customers
2. Best sell service , give good shopping experience for customers
3. With good quality and stability
4. Rich export experience , customers from more than 50 countries 

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